Sobre termos, proposições e argumentos

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Pires, Jorge de Barros [UNESP]
da Silveira, Lauro Frederico Barbosa [UNESP]

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Pragmatism, as proposed by Charles S. Peirce, should be considered a method for the theoretical production of thought that aims the construction of concepts, which takes the form of a logical maxim guiding scientific conduct. If a concept is a sign relationship and its understanding a sign process, we find in Peircean semiotics a strategy to discriminate the stages of conceptual understanding and to evaluate the meanings of abstract terms and concepts. Therefore, the aim of this work is to explain the logical principles that govern the types of Signs that more directly are related to the construction of concepts, namely: the Rhematic Symbol, the Dicent Symbol and the Argument. Such signs correspond to the old division between Term, Proposition and Argument, modified in order to be applicable to the signs in general.



Arguments, Charles s. peirce, Pragmatism, Propositions, Terms

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Trans/Form/Acao, v. 40, n. 4, p. 47-66, 2017.