Parâmetros fisiológicos do desempenho de cavalos de alta performance hidratados voluntariamente com água ou solução isotônica contendo carboidrato

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Puoli Filho, José Nicolau Próspero [UNESP]
de Barros Neto, Turíbio Leite [UNESP]
Rodrigues, Paulo Henrique Mazza
Garcia, Henrique Pinto Lima [UNESP]

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During eight weeks, in summer, four endurance trained high performance horses were worked in resistence exercise, recieving two different types of hydratatio, water or an isotonic solution containing carbohydrates, with the objective to compare their performance physiological parameters. Only the RT (rectal temperature), HR (heart rate), RR (respiratory rate), weight, total protein, glucose, the electrolytes K, Ca and the muscular enzyme CK presented distance effect. The others parameters evaluated, there weren't any identified effects of treatment and of the interaction between distance and treatments, with a significancy level of 5%, and it was concluded that the isotonic solution containing carbohydrate didn't have any significant influence on the animal's performance when compared to water.



Endurance, Horses, Hydratation, Isotonic solucion with carbohidrate, Animalia, Equidae

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Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science, v. 44, n. 2, p. 122-131, 2007.