Is the number of previous hospitalizations associated with increased in-hospital mortality after hip fracture in a developing country?

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Purpose We aimed to examine whether the number of previous hospitalizations and the main diagnoses of those hospitalizations are associated with increased in-hospital hip fracture mortality for older people. That assessment is relevant because if those variables are shown to be associated with increased mortality, that finding could support their use as proxies for comorbidity burden for case-mix adjustment in statistical models seeking to compare the performance of hospitals regarding hip fracture mortality in settings with limited hospital information systems. Methods In this retrospective cohort study of all public hospital admissions for older adults with hip fractures in the city of Rio de Janeiro between 2010 and 2011, we used data from the Hospital Admission Information System database to examine the association between in-hospital mortality and the number of hospitalizations in the previous two years and their main diagnoses through logistic regression. Results Among 1938 patients included in the study there were 103 (5.3%) in-hospital deaths. Although the presence of hospitalization episodes within the two years preceding the index hip fracture was associated with increased mortality (OR: 1.78, 95%CI: 1.07 to 2.97) we did not find evidence of a gradient of increased mortality with a growing number of previous hospitalizations. Additionally, several diseases recorded as main diagnoses of previous hospitalizations were not associated with increased mortality rates, as was expected based on existing knowledge on risk factors for decreased survival in older adults with hip fractures. Conclusions Our results suggest that, in settings where local hospital information systems have limited access to secondary diagnoses, the use of the number of previous hospitalizations or the main diagnoses associated with those hospitalizations as proxies for the profile of comorbidities of older adults with hip fractures may not be an effective way to adjust for case-mix when comparing in-hospital mortality rates among hospitals.





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