Application of the PTT Model to Axisymmetric Free Surface Flows

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Amer Inst Physics


This work is concerned with numerical simulation of axisymmetric viscoelastic free surface flows using the Phan-Thien-Tanner (PTT) constitutive equation. A finite difference technique for solving the governing equations for unsteady incompressible flows written in Cylindrical coordinates on a staggered grid is described. The fluid is modelled by a Marker-and-Cell type method and an accurate representation of the fluid surface is employed. The full free surface stress conditions are applied. The numerical method is verified by comparing numerical predictions of fully developed flow in a pipe with the corresponding analytic solutions. To demonstrate that the numerical method can simulate axisymmetric free surface flows governed by the PTT model, numerical results of the flow evolution of a drop impacting on a rigid dry plate are presented. In these simulations, the rheological effects of the parameters epsilon and xi are investigated.



PTT model, axisymmetric flows, free surface, finite difference, marker-and-cell

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11th International Conference Of Numerical Analysis And Applied Mathematics 2013, Pts 1 And 2 (icnaam 2013). Melville: Amer Inst Physics, v. 1558, p. 220-223, 2013.