Da onipotência ao desgaste: As perspectivas do adolescente em quimioterapia

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This study aimed at understanding the meaning of chemotherapeutic treatment for adolescents with cancer. It is a qualitative study using Alfred Schütz's social phenomenology as a framework. Seven adolescents were interviewed. Four themes emerged from the analysis of their discourses: Impact of the disease on their lives; The discomfort of treatment; Coping strategies and Projection to the future without the disease. The statements of the adolescents revealed that the experience with the chemotherapeutic treatment affects several possibilities of being-in-the-world-with-the-others. The healthcare team plays a fundamental role in the lives of these adolescents, and this relationship goes beyond the scientific level.



Adolescent, Drug therapy, Neoplasms, Qualitative research

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Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem, v. 19, n. 3, p. 531-539, 2011.