Molecular phylogenetic position of Haplometroides intercaecalis (Digenea, Plagiorchiidae)

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Mueller, Maria Isabel [UNESP]
Morais, Drausio Honorio
Silva, Reinaldo Jose da [UNESP]
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Walter De Gruyter Gmbh
Three valid species of Haplometroides Odhner, 1910 parasitise snakes and amphisbaenians from South America. This study provides additional data on morphometric and molecular phylogenetic position inferred from the nuclear ribosomal gene 28S (partial). DNA sequences were isolated from Haplometroides intercaecalis Silva, Ferreira and Strussmann, 2007 found in one specimen of Phalotris matogrossensis Lema, D'Agostini and Cappellari, 2005. Five digenean specimens were recovered from the esophagus of this snake, and four specimens were used for morphometrical studies and one specimen for molecular analysis. Phylogenetic analysis using maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods was conducted with sequences available for the order Plagiorchiida and its phylogenetic position places H. intercaecalis among the brachycoeliids Brachycoelium (Dujardin, 1845) Stiles and Hassall, 1898 and Parabrachycoelium Perez-Ponce de Leon, Mendoza-Garfias, Razo-Mendivil and Parra-Olea, 2011, and the mesocoeliid Mesocoelium Odhner, 1910, not closely related to plagiorchids as expected. Due to morphological differences among these families, it may be necessary to create a new family to accommodate Haplometroides spp. However, more genera/taxa as well as other molecular markers should be added in future studies to confirm our results and resolve this matter. This is the first phylogenetic positioning of digeneans of the genus Haplometroides, contributing to the systematic analysis of the helminthological biodiversity of Neotropical snakes.
Phalotris matogrossensis, 28S rDNA gene, parasite, neotropical snakes
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Acta Parasitologica. Berlin: Walter De Gruyter Gmbh, v. 63, n. 3, p. 522-526, 2018.