Grafite reverso: Crítica e arte na invisibilidade do espaço urbano

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Trovo, Priscila Azzolini
De Carvalho, Agda Regina [UNESP]
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The local culture is reflected in the environment producing experiences of varying quality. In this sense, artistic interventions in urban space motivate a number of meanings in the city, because the perception of each individual's circumstances changed viewing environment. This article discusses the reverse graffiti, an artistic intervention which involves making drawings by cleaning surfaces, consequently attracting a critical reading of pollution. In this regard, an exploratory analysis of the work Ossário, that the Brazilian artist Alexandre Orion develop. This action, carried out in tunnels, in the city of São Paulo, showed nuances that highlighted an aspect that went unnoticed before: dirt. Thus, reverse graffiti of Alexandre Orion reveals not only the lack of cleanliness in urban areas, but the negligence of the authorities to these places.
Alexandre Orion, Artistic interventions, Ossário, Reverse graffiti
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Cuadernos de Musica, Artes Visuales y Artes Escenicas, v. 11, n. 2, p. 75-86, 2016.