Phimosis and paraphimosis due to scar fibrosis in horses - Report of five cases

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Carvalho, Armando de Mattos [UNESP]
Pereira Munhoz, Thayanne Caroline
Artmann, Tairine Aimara
Pimentel, Luciano Anunciacao
Toma, Hugo Shisei [UNESP]
Ito Yamauchi, Kelly Cristiane
Camargo, Lazaro Manoel de
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Univ Federal Ceara, Centro Ciencias Agrarias
It aims to describe the diagnosis and surgical treatment of four cases of phimosis and one case of paraphimosis in horses. All animals presented history of laceration and fibrosis formation in the penis and preputial region with at least three months. Precise diagnosis of phimosis and paraphimosis due to formation of exuberant granulation tissue was possible only after local physical inspection followed by tissue biopsy and histopathological analysis. The circumcision and exuberant granulation tissue resection of the glans penis were effective in the treatment. Prompt clinical care after the laceration of the prepuce and penis could have prevented phimosis and paraphimosis development.
horse, laceration, scar, prepuce, penis
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Brazilian Journal Of Hygiene And Animal Sanity. Fortalexa: Univ Federal Ceara, Centro Ciencias Agrarias, v. 9, n. 4, p. 657-664, 2015.