Projeto interdisciplinar aplicado na engenharia de produção – Resultado da proposta de serviços Copaker

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Junior, Lucio Garcia Veraldo
Lucio, Bianca Soares
Silva, Danillo Vicente
de Oliveira, Karine Boirges
Junior, Jorge Muniz
Silva, Messias Borges
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In front of a demanding market, the qualification of professionals and the practice experienced during the undergraduate course, makes the academic setting should be re-evaluated as the use of methods to establish activities related to day to day professional work. Include interdisciplinary projects in the learning process provides a student development that goes beyond the acquired knowledge; also develop up the skills expected for the profession according to the proposal of each project. This study is a private higher education institution in Brazil forefront in the use of active methodology in teaching applied in the course of production engineering. Thus, it presents Project Led Education (PLE), teaching methodology that through a project integrating disciplines for a specific term. This project, held on the 8th without the course of the outsourcing process of packing of promotional items of a true company and students, is the idealization of an operational and commercial proposal for copaker. The following information was provided: Mounting records of packaging; sales forecast of items; income and current contractor productivity. The aim of the article is the overview of the interdisciplinary project, from proposal characterized by teachers, including how to follow up the results of the students, detailing their best second written report and oral presentation. Another important result is the contribution of each discipline of that relevant half the established project. Finally, it presents the evaluation process of the project, both in skills and in acquired knowledge in order to further research in other interdisciplinary projects of the course.
Competence, Copaker, Industrial engineering, Interdisciplinary project, Standard 5 CDIO
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International Symposium on Project Approaches in Engineering Education, v. 6, p. 403-411.