O movimento estudantil Paranaense e as experiências do exílio no Cone Sul

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Braggio, Ana
Fiuzza, Alexandre [UNESP]

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This paper presents some reflections arising from a research about the political surveillance held against the student movements in Parana State, during the pre and post civil-military coup of 1964 in Brazil. Based on the documentation of DOPS (Delegacia de Ordem Política e Social) of Parana, in the bibliography and in interviews with the involved, this paper analyzes the surveillance work and repression exercised by the Brazilian political police to the student actions before and after the Coup, focusing on the experiences lived by the students who exiled themselves in the Southern Cone, lingering in the complex consequences of these spatial, cultural and political displacements, especially in Chile, destination chosen by countless Brazilian militants during the term of the government of Salvador Allende.



Brazilian civil-military dictatorship, Exile, Political activism, Student movement

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Espaco Plural, v. 13, n. 27, p. 68-83, 2012.