Effect of creatine supplementation on muscle damage markers and physical performance in volleyball athletes

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Santi, Maicon Chigachiaraguti
Galán, Bryan Steve Martínez [UNESP]
Terrazas, Sara Ivone Morhy [UNESP]
De Carvalho, Flávia Giolo
Vieira, Tales Sambrano [UNESP]
Silveira, Glauber Cerizza
Deminice, Rafael
de Freitas, Ellen Cristini [UNESP]
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Given creatine supplementation may attenuate exercise-induced damage and directly influence the ATP-CP system, the purpose of the study is to assess the effects of creatine (Cr) supplementation on muscle damage markers; creatine kinase (CK) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), late-onset muscle pain (DOMS) and physical performance in volleyball athletes. A controlled study with a double blind model was performed. Fourteen participants supplemented (0.3 g / kg) of creatine or placebo during (loading phase) and (0.1 g / kg) during (maintenance phase). Significant differences were observed in total plasma creatine concentration (p <0.05), body weight (p = 0.047) and lower pain perception (p = 0.020), 24 hours (p = 0.001), 48 hours (p <0.001) and 72 hours (p = 0.011) in the creatine group. The evaluation of subjective perception of pain verified a significant difference in the creatine group (p <0.05). It was concluded that creatine supplementation, associated with carbohydrate consumption, attenuated the perception of pain in volleyball players after the muscle damage protocol.
DOMS, Jumping, Muscle injury, Performance
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Cultura, Ciencia y Deporte, v. 15, n. 45, p. 377-385, 2020.