News contents in the urban peripherys of the intermediary citys of state Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Sposito, Maria Encarnação Beltrão

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News contents in the urban peripherys of the intermediary citys of State Sao Paulo, Brazil Brazilian cities have had their urban structures oriented by relations of the kind city center-periphery, where the central areas have been characterized as better equipped and the periphery as residential area for the lower-income classes, marked by poor individual and collective life conditions. A set of transformations in the forms of urban space production, increasingly associated with interests in real-estate and land ownership, have produced a redefinition of the economic, social and cultural contents of the city center and the periphery of these cities, either because of the new commercial and consume equipment, or the reorientation of industrial interests, or, more significantly, by the implementation of new urban habitats. In this article this dynamics is analyzed having as a reference the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and as its focus the state's medium-size cities.



City center x periphery, Medium-size cities, Urban restructuration

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Investigaciones Geograficas, v. 54, p. 114-139.