NAMPT single-nucleotide polymorphism rs1319501 and visfatin/NAMPT affect nitric oxide formation, sFlt-1 and antihypertensive therapy response in preeclampsia

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Pereira, Daniela A.
Sandrim, Valeria C. [UNESP]
Palei, Ana C.
Amaral, Lorena M.
Belo, Vanessa A.
Lacchini, Riccardo
Cavalli, Ricardo C.
Tanus-Santos, Jose E.
Luizon, Marcelo R.

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Aim: We examined the relationships between visfatin/NAMPT and nitrite concentrations (a marker of nitric oxide [NO] formation) or sFlt-1 levels in 205 patients with preeclampsia (PE) responsive or nonresponsive to antihypertensive therapy, and whether NAMPT SNPs rs1319501 and rs3801266 affect nitrite concentrations in PE and 206 healthy pregnant women. Patients & methods: Circulating visfatin/NAMPT and sFlt-1 levels were measured by ELISA, and nitrite concentrations by using an ozone-based chemiluminescence assay. Results: In nonresponsive PE patients, visfatin/NAMPT levels were inversely related to nitrite concentrations and positively related to sFlt-1 levels. NAMPT SNP rs1319501 affected nitrite concentrations in nonresponsive PE patients and was tightly linked with NAMPT functional SNPs in Europeans. Conclusion: NAMPT SNP rs1319501 and visfatin/NAMPT affect NO formation, sFlt-1 levels and antihypertensive therapy response in PE.



antihypertensive agents, genetic polymorphisms, nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase, nitric oxide, pharmacogenetics, preeclampsia, sFlt-1, visfatin/NAMPT

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Pharmacogenomics, v. 22, n. 8, p. 451-464, 2021.