SNPs within HSC70 gene are associated to growth traits in the Amazon River prawn

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Blanck, Danielly Veloso
Penteado, José Mario De Aquino [UNESP]
Valenti, Wagner Cotroni [UNESP]
De Freitas, Patricia Domingues
Rocha, Joao Luis Lopes Da Costa
Galetti, Pedro Manoel

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In this study we evaluated the associations between SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) in the heat shock protein 70 constitutive (HSC70) gene and growth traits on Macrobrachium amazonicum. Twelve SNPs were detected and genotyped in prawns subjected to two stocking densities: a regular condition of 40 prawns m-2 (D40) and a stressing condition of 200 prawns m-2 (D200). The data showed the association of C256T SNP only in D40 density. Alelle T had a positive correlation on total and abdominal length, besides total and hepatopancreas weight. C256T and T907C SNPs have shown significative increase on growth in females. Considering haplotype analisys, the H10 haplotype had significative associations with greater weight in D40. These SNPs and haplotype effects may be the first step towards implementation of strategies to improve the productivity of Amazon River prawn.



DNA polymorphism, Freshwater prawn, Genotype-phenotype association, Heat shock proteins

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Pan-American Journal of Aquatic Sciences, v. 11, n. 3, p. 210-219, 2016.