Utilização do colágeno cromatado como indicador em estudos de digestão com caprinos

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Resende, Kleber Tomás de [UNESP]
Furlan, Lopes Cláudia
Costa, Roberto Germano [UNESP]
Sugohara, Atushi [UNESP]
Vasconcelos, Vânia Rodrigues [UNESP]
De Carvalho, Francisco Fernando Ramos [UNESP]
Guideli, Cláudia

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The objective of this research was to study the feasibility of utilizing chromated collagen as an external indicator of digestibility by comparing it to acid insoluble ash (AIA) and indigestible acid detergent fiber (IADF) as internal markers, and to the total collection method. Six castrated Alpine breed kid goats with an average weight of 33,4 kg were used. They were housed in metabolism cages. Feeding was based on 60 g/kg PV 0,75 of a pelleted ration per animal, supplied daily in two meals (7 am and 4 pm). The experimental design was completely randomized with four treatments and six replications. The results permitted the conclusion that the chromated collagen was the best of the indicators studied, and therefore, is one more indicator which can be used. The AIA and IADF were less efficient and underestimated the digestibility of the feed.



Cromated collagen, Digestibility, Goat, Indicator

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Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia, v. 25, n. 4, p. 806-813, 1996.