Provenance as a Domain Analysis Approach in Archival Knowledge Organization

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Chaves Guimaraes, Jose Augusto [UNESP]
Tognoli, Natalia Bolfarini [UNESP]
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Considering domain analysis as an important methodological approach to research on knowledge organization, this paper discusses its applicability to the archival universe. To this end, it begins with a historical and conceptual approach of domain analysis in information science to reach the universe of the organization of archival knowledge based on its core processes. In this context, the principle of provenance in its genesis and development is discussed as a domain analysis approach for archival science, as we draw on the social assumption that the producer, considering its structure and its function, characterizes a discourse community for which the classification process and description become effective. Thus, the concept of archival bond, as discussed by Duranti, becomes an effective methodological evidence of provenance as a domain analysis approach, and it is specifically applicable for archival knowledge organization.
archival science, archival knowledge organization, domain analysis, provenance
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Knowledge Organization. Wurzburg: Ergon-verlag, v. 42, n. 8, p. 562-569, 2015.