Public relations and sustainability: the quality of digital public communication of environmental governing organizations

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Rothberg, Danilo [UNESP]
Camargo, Mariana Gabriela de [UNESP]

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Univ Malaga, Inst Investigacion Relaciones Publicas


A wide variety of digital communication strategies and public relations has been implemented to provide transparency to the formulation, execution and evaluation of public policies in various areas, including environmental sustainability, with results that need to be more understood. This research had the goal of identifying and characterizing, in relation to seven categories of content analysis, information on public policies for environmental sustainability available on web pages of the Sao Paulo Environmental System, of the State of Sao Paulo (Brazil), accessed by Facebook social media. The results suggest the insufficiency of information in the content analyzed and indicate opportunities for improving the management of public communications.



public communications, public relations, social media, environmental sustainability

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Revista Internacional De Relaciones Publicas. Malaga: Univ Malaga, Inst Investigacion Relaciones Publicas, v. 8, n. 15, p. 153-176, 2018.