Inclusive Production of the X (4140) State in p p ¯ Collisions at D0

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Abazov, V. M.
Abbott, B.
Acharya, B. S.
Adams, M.
Adams, T.
Agnew, J. P.
Alexeev, G. D.
Alkhazov, G.
Alton, A.
Askew, A.
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We present a study of the inclusive production of the X(4140) state with the decay to the J/ψφ final state in hadronic collisions. Based on 10.4 fb-1 of pp¯ collision data collected by the D0 experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron collider, we report the first evidence for the prompt production of an X(4140) state and find the fraction of X(4140) events originating from b hadrons to be fb=0.39±0.07(stat)±0.10(syst). The ratio of the nonprompt X(4140) production rate to the Bs0 yield in the same channel is R=0.19±0.05(stat)±0.07(syst). The values of the mass M=4152.5±1.7(stat)-5.4+6.2(syst) MeV and width Γ=16.3±5.6(stat)±11.4(syst) MeV are consistent with previous measurements.
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Physical Review Letters, v. 115, n. 23, 2015.