Structural, chemical and optical characterizations of an experimental SiO2–Y-TZP ceramic produced by the uniaxial/isostatic pressing technique

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Mosquim, Victor
Ferrairo, Brunna Mota
Vertuan, Mariele
Magdalena, Aroldo Geraldo [UNESP]
Fortulan, Carlos Alberto
Lisboa-Filho, Paulo Noronha [UNESP]
Cesar, Paulo Francisco
Bonfante, Estevam Augusto
Honório, Heitor Marques
Sanches Borges, Ana Flávia

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This study aimed to produce a new SiO2+Y-TZP ceramic via uniaxial/isostatic compression that was structurally and chemically characterized relating to its translucency and flexural strength. SiO2 and Y-TZP were mixed using a ball mill, pressed and sintered at 1150 °C. The optical and mechanical properties of the specimens were compared to lithium disilicate (LD) and zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate (ZLS) (Kruskal-Wallis, α = 0.05). The Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy bands suggested an interaction between Si, O and Zr. Contrast ratio and translucency parameter of the experimental ceramic were higher and lower, (p = 0.000001) respectively, than those of the LD and ZLS. The experimental ceramic presented similar flexural strength to ZLS, but lower than LD (p < 0.0001). It can be concluded that this processing method is efficient to obtain a SiO2+Y-TZP ceramic and 1150 °C crystallizes SiO2 without inducing t-m transformation. The SiO2+Y-TZP ceramic presented lower translucency and higher masking ability than the commercially available glass-ceramics, but similar flexural strength to one glass-ceramics.



Electron microscopy (B), SiO2 (D), X-ray methods (B)

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Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, v. 106.