Memory and Place: Railroad Villages of the Railroad Company Noroeste Do Brasil (CEFNOB)

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Baca Salcedo, Rosio Fernandez [UNESP]
DaCunha, F. L.
DosSantos, M.
Rabassa, J.

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This chapter presents the relationship between the memory and the Railway Villages of the Railroad Company Noroeste do Brasil (EFNOB). This discussion is carried out by a bibliographic and iconographic research as well as in situ surveys and interviews. The houses of the railway villages were built by EFNOB between 1907 and 1950 and later handed over to the employees while working at the company. The results highlight that such architectural complex represents the memory, the identity, the ways of living and building in this period. After the EFNOB extinction, the houses were sold to private persons. Through this research, we point out the significance of such historical and architectural heritage as strengthening for preservation by the Council for the Defense of Historical, Archaeological, Artistic and Touristic Heritage (CONDEPHAAT).



Railroad memory, Material culture, Railroad villages, Architectural heritage

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Latin American Heritage: Interdisciplinary Dialogues On Brazilian And Argentinian Case Studies. Cham: Springer International Publishing Ag, p. 177-193, 2018.