Abdominal ultrasound alterations in dogs with lymphoma

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Geller, Felipe Foletto [UNESP]
Mamprim, Maria Jaqueline [UNESP]
Sequeira, Julio Lopes [UNESP]
Rocha, Noeme Sousa [UNESP]
Souza, Priscilla Macedo de [UNESP]
Mueller, Thiago Rinaldi [UNESP]

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Univ Federal Rural Pernambuco


The aim of this study was to evaluate abdominal ultrasound images of dogs diagnosed with lymphoma. Seventy cases of dogs with lymphoma were analyzed. The animals selected were diagnosed with lymphoma which was confirmed by citology or histopathology. The most common sonographic alterations were abdominal lymphadenopathy (57.1%), hepatomegaly (54.2%) and splenomegaly (51.4%). Of the animals that had a cytology done of superficial lymph nodes, 82,8% showed diffuse sonographic changes in the liver, 54.5% had normal sonographic appearance in the spleen and enlargement of the medial iliac lymph nodes. Considering the results, we conclude that canine lymphoma is a complex disease and that it requires several laboratory tests for a correct diagnosis and prognosis.



lymphoma, ultrasonography, dog

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Medicina Veterinaria-recife. Recife Pe: Univ Federal Rural Pernambuco, v. 5, n. 4, p. 170-172, 2011.