Description of gamontogonic and sporogonic stages of Hepatozoon spp. (Apicomplexa, Hepatozoidae) from Caudisoma durissa terrifica (Serpentes, Viperidae)

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Three specimens of Caudisoma durissa terrifica infected with Hepatozoon spp. were studied. One was parasitized by one type of gamont and the other two were each infected by two morphologically different gamonts. Utilizing morphology and morphometry analysis, we concluded that three types of gamonts were very similar and may represent the same Hepatozoon species, but at least three different Hepatozoon species were infecting the C. durissa terrifica snakes in this study. Some of this species caused erythrocyte modifications. The sporogonic development of Hepatozoon sp. was observed from 12 h to the 20th day after female Culex quinquefasciatus blood meals.



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Parasitology Research. New York: Springer, v. 108, n. 4, p. 845-851, 2011.