Optimal Control for Path Planning on a 2 DOF Robotic Arm with Prismatic and Revolute Elastic Joints

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This work presents the mathematical description, simulation and results for a dynamic analysis of a robotic arm with two degrees of freedom, one revolutionary and one a prismatic. The revolute link was considered with an elastic joint and the prismatic link was considered an ideal link. The SDRE technique was used to control the elastic joint to eliminate errors in position, vibration and to guide the arm through a specific path for position and speed. The work still has a wide variety of possibilities to improvement on the dynamic representation of the prismatic joint with some flexibility, a more detailed mathematical representation on the elastic joint control and explore more possibilities beyond SDRE control that can provide more precision on the speed control.



Elastic joint, Robotics, SDRE control

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Mechanisms and Machine Science, v. 95, p. 209-218.