Perception of Risk and Sustainability: Concept Analysis of Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development in Geological–Geotechnical Risk Assessment Approaches

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Geological–geotechnical risks studies are a traditional approach in Earth Sciences and Engineering areas. Its main focus is understood the environmental dynamics related to risk situations and the consequences of these environmental dynamics for the well-being. This article focuses on discussing the probability of the occurrence of an environmental phenomenon that endangers population and considering how socioeconomic and political factors are associated with such occurrences. The proposed analysis shows how geological–geotechnical risk studies consider basic principles of sustainability in their applications and the potential of these studies in demonstrate how effective risk monitoring and management can contribute to socially responsible policies. The bibliometric research presented allowed us to identify tendencies and emerging knowledge; specific related journals; people and institutions acting and the mean life of scientific literature in this area. We could establish a proper relationship between this contribution and the recent context of research conducted in these areas. However, limitations of data access resulting from journals and congress proceedings not being fully open access remain as barriers to deeper analysis.



Environmental justice, Geological risk, Risk monitoring, Sustainability

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Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, v. 37, n. 5, p. 3637-3648, 2019.