Supplementation of diets with glutamine and glutamic acid attenuated the effects of cold stress on intestinal mucosa and performance of weaned piglets

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In this study we investigated the effect of glutamine and glutamic acid inclusion in the diet of weaned piglets subjected to cold stress and thermoneutral environment. Sixty-four weaned piglets were assessed from 28 to 65 days of age. A completely randomised design consisting of a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement was tested - environments (thermoneutral and cold stress) and diets (control and L-glutamine + L-glutamic acid (G + GA)). Performance, relative organ weight and carcass yield, and morphology of the intestinal mucosa were assessed. Supplementing the diets with G + GA reduced feed intake under both environments. This was associated with a decline in growth rate for piglets in the thermoneutral environment but not in the cold environment (P < 0.002). Feed efficiency was lower for piglets offered the control diets in the cold environment, but was significantly improved (24.6%) by G + GA supplementation in the cold but not the thermoneutral environment (P < 0.001). G + GA supplementation decreased small intestinal length and altered intestinal morphology with the highest villus/crypt depth ratio observed in piglets offered the G + GA supplemented diet in the cold environment. In summary, glutamine and glutamic acid diets mitigated the effects of cold stress on the intestinal mucosa and performance of weaned piglets.




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Animal Production Science. Clayton: Csiro Publishing, v. 59, n. 10, p. 1880-1885, 2019.

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