A dialectical view of curriculum changes in nursing training

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Fernandes Biffe Peres, Cassia Regina
Sanches Marin, Maria Jose
Iacida Soriano, Elaine Cristina
Silva Marques Ferreira, Maria de Lourdes da [UNESP]

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Univ Sao Paolo


Objective: To understand the contradictions involved in the process of curriculum reconstruction in the training of nurses, on the professors' perception. Method: Qualitative interpretative study, in which professors of nursing courses from three public and three private institutions were interviewed. The analysis was based on dialectical hermeneutics. Results: 21 professors participated in the study. The proposals of changes are associated with advances and resistances, since the extended view of the health-disease process is opposed to the biological view; the diversification of learning scenarios is confronted with the hegemony of the hospital scenario; the integration of teaching and service faces the inequality of participation of the parties; and integration between the basic and the clinical cycle finds resistance in the knowledge accumulated in each discipline. Conclusion: The contradictions found, although inherent to the change process, indicate that persistence and continuous movement towards curriculum reformulation are necessary.



Education, Nursing, Curriculum, Unified Health System

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Revista Da Escola De Enfermagem Da Usp. Cerquera Cesar: Univ Sao Paolo, v. 52, 8 p., 2018.