Fertigation and gradual release of fertilizers for planting of sports turfgrass

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Sports turfgrass requires care to show good development and playability. The type of fertilizer and the way of application of this fertilizer directly interfere with its quality. The objective of the present work was to evaluate fertilizers of gradual liberation (slow or controlled) and fertigation in order to obtain higher quality of sport turfgrass. The experiment was conducted in Botucatu, SP, Brazil. The design was in randomized blocks, in subdivided plots, with Zeon and Celebration turf, as main plot, and five managements of fertilization (1. without fertilization, 2. fertigation, 3. fertilization with conventional fertilizers, 4. fertilization with fertilizer and 5. fertilization with controlled release fertilizer), in the subplots, and four replications, from January to June. The results were evaluated using the Green Index Rate, Dark Green Color Index, Grass Index, turfgrass height, Dry matter Phytomass, stolon, rhizome and root dry matter, root length and number of mowing. Zeon grass presented higher green cover rate, as well as higher dry matter accumulation of stolons and rhizomes than Celebration. Celebration grass presented grass index and dark green color index higher than those of Zeon. Management with conventional fertilizer provided the highest values of growth characteristics of the two species, but required more cuts and labor for application.




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IRRIGA, v. 25, n. 1, p. 184-201, 2020.

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