Case Report: Treatment of Chromoblastomycosis with Combinations including Acitretin: A Report of Two Cases

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Chromoblastomycosis is a cutaneous fungal infection caused by dematiaceous fungi that belong to the order Chaetothyriales and family Herpotrichiellaceae. This infection is prevalent in tropical and subtropical areas and has been designated as a neglected tropical disease according to the WHO. Chromoblastomycosis infection is difficult to treat, and there are limited therapeutic options, making urgent the characterization of new medicines or approaches to treat such infection. In the present case report, two patients with extensive chromoblastomycosis lesions were treated with the combination of itraconazole, acitretin, and imiquimod. In the fourth month of treatment, both patients showed improvement of verrucous plates, suggesting that acitretin combined with drugs already used in chromoblastomycosis therapy can decrease the time of treatment, improving patient’s quality of life.



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American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, v. 103, n. 5, p. 1852-1854, 2020.