Intraspecific variation of trace elements in the kelp gull (Larus dominicanus): influence of age, sex and location


Intraspecific variation; Trace elements; Hepatic tissue; Larus dominicanus.
Hepatic tissue of Larus dominicanus sampled on the coastline of the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil between October 2016 and May 2018 was used to evaluate intraspecific trends and spatial distribution of essential trace elements (Mn, Co, Cu, Zn, Mo and Cr) and non-essential trace elements (As, Pb, Cd, Hg, Ba and V). Principal Component Analysis (PCA) indicated differences in the bioaccumulation of trace elements between female adults and male adults, differences to sex and age were indicated by Kruskal-Wallis test. Heat maps suggest hot spots in locals with high concentration of trace elements in liver of Larus dominicanus. In general, the concentration of trace elements were comparable with values reported in other studies carried out for this species in South America and other regions of the world. The heat maps showed to be a promising tool to identify influences of the locality on bioaccumulation of trace elements in Larus dominicanus.



Hepatic tissue, Intraspecific variation, Larus dominicanus, Trace elements

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