Cuidar em oncologia na perspectiva de Alfred Schütz.

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Popim, Regina Célia [UNESP]
Boemer, Magali Roseira
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The study was realized among oncological nurses in their daily work routine and aimed to understand these professionals' subjective action, starting from their relation with patients, adopting a phenomenological reference framework based on the ideas of Alfred Schütz. The question: what does working in oncological care mean to you? Please describe, was used to collect statements, which were analyzed and clarified the typical action of a nurse caregiver in this daily routine. The study revealed that oncological care implies dealing with humans in a fragile situation; requires a relationship of affectivity; is care delivery that entails the genesis of professional burnout. Care delivery in oncology is highly complex, requiring a professional competence that goes beyond the technical-scientific sphere. Nursing professionals need to seek strategies which enable them to face the fatigue they are submitted to in their work.
human, nursing process, oncology nursing, questionnaire, standard, Humans, Nursing Process, Oncologic Nursing, Questionnaires
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Revista latino-americana de enfermagem., v. 13, n. 5, p. 677-685, 2005.