The development of communication skills and the teacher's performance in the nursing student's perspective

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Oliveira, Karime Rodrigues Emilio de [UNESP]
Braga, Eliana Mara [UNESP]
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Objective: To understand experiences in the development of communication skills and the teacher's role in this teaching-learning process under the perspective of undergraduate nursing students by considering two types of curriculum organization. Method: Descriptive study with a qualitative approach conducted in two public schools located in São Paulo state, Brazil. Data were collected by means of self-completed forms from 81 students in the second and fourth years of the undergraduate program. Results were analyzed in light of Content Analysis. Results: Results showed that the development of such skills is related to: students' individual characteristics, patients' characteristics, those of the health-disease process, the health-care team's profile and the theoretical knowledge acquired on communication in health-care provision and nursing. The teacher's role was perceived as one that supports and encourages interactions with patients and healthcare teams by teaching and providing orientation about interpersonal communication. Conclusion: Students identify and value the importance of their teachers' performance in the development and acquisition of communication skills. Additionally, students who experience active teaching-learning methodologies acknowledge the teacher as essential to provide opportunities for students to express their knowledge and thoughts.
Aptitude, Communication, Faculty, Nursing, Nursing education, Students
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Revista da Escola de Enfermagem, v. 50, n. Specialissue, p. 31-37, 2016.