Evaluation of the effectiveness of the use of games in the teaching of Production Engineering: an experiment with Goldratt Simulator

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Traditional and theoretical classes are usually tiring and their contents are poorly absorbed. One way to apply and fix the contents in a more attractive and motivating way is through the use of active methodologies, whose use has been encouraged by the new curricular guidelines of engineering courses in Brazil. Game-based learning (GBL) is one of such approach. Although many games are already used in classroom environments, e.g. Beer Game, Lean Board Game and Goldratt Simulator, there is still a lack of studies on the effectiveness of its application. In 2020, a study about the use of games in Production Engineering courses was initiated, which resulted in the development of questionnaires and the suggestion of a methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of the use of GBL. In order to identify the effectiveness of the use of Goldratt Simulator, as a game, in the learning process this evaluation methodology was applied during an experiment carried out in the discipline of Production Management IV, in which two groups were defined (control and experimental). After the classes and the application of the questionnaires, it became evident: greater engagement and confidence by the experimental group and greater fixation of concepts by the control group. Furthermore, the evaluative tools proved to be adequate to give feedback to the teacher, presenting themselves as an important diagnostic tool.




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International Symposium on Project Approaches in Engineering Education, v. 12, p. 102-109.

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