Dynamics of space and time of the production chain of the ceramic industry production center of Iranduba, Amazonas, Brazil

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Florentino, Gelson Dias
Martorano, Lucieta Guerreiro
Miranda, Íres Paula de Andrade
de Moraes, José Reinaldo S. Cabral [UNESP]
Beldini, Troy Patrick

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The objective of this study was to systematize a method that describes the dynamic processes that exist in space and time related to the production chain of the ceramic industry production center in Iranduba, Amazonas, Brazil, through the use of a mandala. A map of possible conditioning factors that can be characterized as links or problems related to the production chain was constructed, and this consisted of seven variables subdivided into three levels that stratify the descriptive steps of the processes of the production chain. A mandala was constructed in order to describe historical aspects of the ceramic industry production center in Iranduba, as well as to integrate biophysical and economic variables such as soil climate, energy sources used in the ceramic kilns, economic and financial variables, and specific characteristics of the ceramic industry production center. This method allowed for delineation of productive chain influences with the goal of improving the processes spatially and temporally. The results demonstrate that the structure of this method based on a mandala allows for an integral and systematic vision of these processes. It is therefore inferred that this is a practical tool which is integrated for making adjustments and new inclusions of techniques and procedures, remodeling the conditioning variables of production chains such as the one of the ceramic industry production center in Iranduba. The mandala is a tool that adjusts itself in time and space in a flexible way due to its capacity for interactive analysis in the construction of technical and scientific knowledge and dynamic and sustainable processes.



Amazon, Ceramics, Mandala, Methodology

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Sustainability (Switzerland), v. 11, n. 20, 2019.