Morphometry and expression of MyoD and Myogenin in white and red skeletal muscles of juvenile fish Colossoma macropomum (Cuvier 1818)

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Alves-Costa, Fernanda A.
Barbosa, Cassiane M.
Aguiar, Rachel C. M.
Mareco, Edson A.
Dal Pai,

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Colossoma macropomum, also known as tambaqui, is an economically important fish species, and interesting new studies have been published with the aim of improving the growth of this fish. In this work, we describe the morphometric characteristics, as well as the mRNA and protein expression levels of two myogenic regulatory factors (MRFs)-myod/MyoD and myogenin/Myogenin-in the white and red muscle types of tambaqui. A high proportion of white and red muscle fibers with large diameters suggest a hypertrophic growth process in the skeletal muscle during juvenile stages. Comparisons between muscle types showed that, in red muscle, myogenin transcript levels were significantly higher than those of myod. In contrast, MyoD protein levels were significantly higher than those of Myogenin in red muscle. These results suggest that in red and white muscles of juvenile tambaqui, independent post-transcriptional mechanisms for regulating MyoD and Myogenin expression may exist, which could be differentially activated during muscle growth. Furthermore, these data also suggest that specific control mechanisms may regulate distinct muscle phenotypes. © 2013 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.



Hyperplasia, Hypertrophy, Myogenic regulatory factors, Quantitative RT-PCR, Skeletal muscle

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