Independent Musical Society- SMI, its foundation, its banner and the testimony of the specialized press of its first artistic season

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Longo Benedetti, Danieli Veronica [UNESP]
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Univ Estadual Parana, Escola Musica & Belas Artes Parana
This article, part of a postdoctoral research conducted at the Department of Music ECA/USP and sponsored by FAPESP, aims to trace the history of the Societe Musicale Independante - SMI, French music association created in 1909 by a group of composers between which Maurice Ravel, Charles Koechlin and Florent Schimitt, whose main objective was to promote contemporary music without distinction of school and nationality. Based on restricted archives, collected in the private collection of Charles Koechlin and Bibliotheque nationale de France, BnF the text intends to reflect on the first artistic season of SMI through the testimony of critics published by press organizations at the time.
musicology, music associations, Societe Musicale Independante, composers, press
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Revista Vortex-vortex Music Journal. Curitiba: Univ Estadual Parana, Escola Musica & Belas Artes Parana, v. 3, n. 1, p. 38-69, 2015.