Microstructure, phase morphology, eutectic coupled zone and hardness of Al–Co alloys

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Silva, Cássio A.P.
Kakitani, Rafael
Canté, Manuel V.
Brito, Crystopher [UNESP]
Garcia, Amauri
Spinelli, José E.
Cheung, Noé

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This study examines the roles played by crystal growth rates (V) and cooling rates (Ṫ) on the microstructural evolutions of hypoeutectic (0.7 wt% Co), eutectic (1.0 wt% Co) and hypereutectic (1.5 wt% Co) Al–Co alloys. For this, these alloys have been directionally solidified by using a transient heat flow setup. It is shown that the microstructures of the 0.7 and 1.0 Co alloys are formed by α-Al matrices. In these alloys, a morphological reverse transition from α-Al matrix dendrites to cells is observed while a α-Al/ Al9Co2 eutectic mixture is also contained. In the Al- 1.5 wt% Co alloy, the prevalence of eutectic features occurs. Experimental growth laws relating cellular, dendritic and eutectic spacings to V and Ṫ are determined. Plots relating V and Ṫ to the alloys Co contents are proposed. The latter allow the range of coupled growth during transient solidification of Al–Co alloys to be examined. The hypereutectic alloy (1.5 wt% Co) demonstrates increase of about 41% in hardness as compared to the other examined alloys.



Al-composite, Al–Co alloys, Microhardness, Microstructure, Solidification

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Materials Characterization, v. 169.