Histrelin acetate-induced ovulation in Brazilian Northeastern jennies (Equus asinus) with different follicle diameters

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The aim of the present study was to evaluate the efficacy of a GnRH analog for induction of ovulation in Brazilian Northeastern jennies (Equus asinus) with different follicle diameters. Four consecutive estrus of 10 jennies were used in a crossover study; C (Control, n = 10) jennies were evaluated by transrectal palpation and ultrasonography until a spontaneous ovulation and the intervals between the predetermined follicular size (25–28 mm [C1], 29–32 mm [C2] and 33–36 mm [C3] follicle) and ovulation were registered. In treated cycle, jennies had the ovulation induced by 250 μg of Histrelin acetate (Strelin®, Botupharma, Botucatu, Brazil) when respective follicle diameters 25–28 mm (T1), 29–32 mm (T2) and 33–36 mm (T3) were diagnosed. Ovulation was monitored by transrectal palpation and ultrasonography. Different follicle diameters significantly affected (P < 0.05) the interval until ovulation between control and matched treated cycles. Interval between prostaglandin administration and ovulation diagnosis was lower in jennies from T2 group (145.2 ± 34.6 h) compared with the control cycle (220.0 ± 41.8 h) and also with other treated cycles (T1 - 209.8 ± 48.0 h; T3 – 183.3 ± 33.9 h). Histrelin acetate treatment also reduces the interval between detection of predetermined follicular size and ovulation (P < 0.05) in all treated cycles groups compared with matched control group. Higher percentage (P < 0.05) of jennies had success of ovulation induction (36–48 h after Histrelin acetate injection) in all treated cycles in contrast with the matched control group. In addition, in comparison among treated cycle groups, more (P < 0.05) jennies (100%) in T2 ovulated between 36 and 48 h after ovulation induction, compared with T1 and T3, which did not differ (P > 0.05) from each other. Edema scoring and ovulation were not associated events (r = 0.0219). In conclusion, jennies with 29–32 mm follicles satisfactory responded to ovulation induction with Histrelin acetate, which allowed the shortening of interovulatory interval in all groups evaluated.




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Theriogenology, v. 136, p. 95-100.

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