FRAGMENTS OF A STORY: Rick, his goals and achievements through eye movements

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Univ Fed Sao Paulo, Dept Education



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The article discusses school life and the preparation to write an opinion article in ENEM of 2021/2022 of a young man who uses only his eyes to read and write, user of a notebook with an eye mouse. purchased with the collaboration of the community where lives. For this preparation, a research and extension project, financed by the Pro-Rectory of UNESP, was set in motion by a team composed of a researcher, a fellow, and a special education teacher, in Marilia. SP in the year 2020. The weekly meetings with the student, in person at the beginning, were replaced by remote ones with the arrival of the pandemic in March. In the first meetings, the young man. aspiring to a degree in journalism, exchanged information about argumentative and persuasive principles, and had access to videos and articles on topics debated in the media. Gradually, domestic conditions were no longer adequate for the continuation of work remotely. In January 2021, although enrolled, the student did not participate in ENEM. In March 2021, when the project's deadline expired, the team instructed him to enroll in a free pre-college course organized by students from the UNESP campus in Marilia. The fragments of sketches of an opinion article on racism analyzed in this article reveal that the youth had begun to develop argumentative structures, typical of opinion articles, in the approach to controversial issues.




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Revista Olhres. Guarulhos: Univ Fed Sao Paulo, Dept Education, v. 10, n. 1, 22 p., 2022.

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