The potential of free-living laelapid mites (Mesostigmata: Laelapidae) as biological control agents

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The family Laelapidae includes free-living as well as arthropod, mammal and bird associate forms. The subfamily Hypoaspidinae is the main focus of this chapter given the importance of its members as natural enemies of edaphic pests. Four species of this group are currently commercialized in different countries as biological control agents of pest organisms and several others have been demonstrated under laboratory and/or field conditions as good candidates for the same purpose. Still much remains to be done even in relation to the most basic aspects, as the determination of the species composition in different regions of the globe, especially in the tropics. This is the first step before other types of activities can be conducted, as for example investigations about population ecology, biology and eventual field trials to determine species most appropriate for practical use. In places where the laelapid fauna is better known, it seems that efforts should be concentrated on studies under semi-field and field conditions, to complement laboratory works that have demonstrated the potential of different species under laboratory conditions.



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Prospects for Biological Control of Plant Feeding Mites and Other Harmful Organisms, p. 77-102.