Evaluation of ten tropical grasses in the northwest region of the state of Sao-Paulo Brazil

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Fundação Estudos Agrarios Luiz Queiroz (fealq)


The experiment was carried out in the northwest region of the State of São Paulo-Brazil to evaluate ten grasses recently introduced in the region. The grasses studied were: Cynodon nlemfuensis cv. Tifton 68, C dacrylon cv. Tifton 78, Cynodon spp. cv. Tifton 85, C. dactylon cv. Florakirk, C. nlemfuensis cv. Florico, C nlemfuensis cv. Florona, C dactylon cv. Coastcross, Paspalum notation cv. Tifton and NDF (717 to 749 g.kg(-1)) were observed in the Cynodon cultivars while lower values of CP (102 and 107 g.kg(-1)) and NDF (697 and 705 g.kg(-1)) were registered in the cvs. Marandu and Tanzania 1. The contents of ADF were higher in the the cvs. Tanzania 1 and Tifton 9. The average values of IVDMD differed (Ppound0.05) among grasses and were all above 564 g.kg(-1), except for cv. Tifton-9 (499 g.kg(-1)). The results obtained in this work allowed to conclude that the cvs. Tifton 78, Tifton 85, Coastcross, Florona, and Tanzania 1 are interesting options for pastures establishment in the northwest region of the State of São Paulo-Brazil.



Brachiaria, chemical composition, Cynodon, growth rate, Panicum paspalum

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Proceedings of the Xix International Grassland Congress. Piracicaba: Fundação Estudos Agrarios Luiz Queiroz (fealq), p. 418-419, 2001.