Cinema, subjectivation, and education. An essay by several voices

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Univ Pedagogica & Tecnologica Colombia


This essay addresses some perspectives, words and connections between cinema, philosophy, childhood, and education. To this end, a dialogue is established between two projects with very close perspectives and differing scenarios: one from Brazil, through the production of images by children; and the other, from Colombia, asking about the ways in which the connection between teaching and philosophy is assumed. This conversation explores the linkages, distances, and shifts from three axes of analysis: (1) childhood; (2) the relations between cinema and education; and (3) the possibilities of research and concerns about cinema, philosophy, and education. The set of interrogations and convergences allows to suggest some questions regarding research, philosophy, its teaching, and the work with children through the production of images.



childhood, cinema, teaching philosophy, learning

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Praxis & Saber. Tunja: Univ Pedagogica & Tecnologica Colombia, v. 12, n. 29, 15 p., 2021.