Determination of Cd(II) by FAAS in aqueous medium after preconcentration in line on a SiAT.

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This paper described the preparation of 2-aminothiazole modified silica gel (SiAT) and the results of a study of the sorption and preconcentration (in batch and in flow using a column technique) of Cd(II) in aqueous medium. The sorption capacities for metal ion was 1.12 mmol g-1. The results obtained in the flow experiments, showed a recovery of 98% of Cd(II) adsorbed in a column packed with 1 g of SiAT, using 5.0 mL of 2.0 mol L-1 hydrochloric acid as eluent. An enrichment factor of 25 (150 mL solution containing 25 dug L-1 of Cd(II), 5.0 mL concentrated) was obtained by this preconcentration procedure. The sorption-desorption of Cd(II) made possible the development of a preconcentration method and quantification:by Flame AAS of Cd(II) at trace level in aqueous samples.



preconcentration, 2-aminothiazole modified silica gel, flame atomic absorption spectrometry

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Ecletica Quimica. Sao Paulo: Editora Unesp, v. 28, n. 1, p. 9-17, 2003.