Taurine and Exercise: Synergistic Effects on Adipose Tissue Metabolism and Inflammatory Process in Obesity

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Taurine has been investigated as a possible strategy for the treatment of obesity. The benefits of taurine supplementation and the importance of adipose tissue to the whole-body energy metabolism are undeniable; however, the impact of the association of taurine and exercise on adipose tissue dynamics remains unclear, especially in the context of obesity. The present investigation sought to explore the effects of taurine supplementation associated with physical exercise as an excellent strategy for treating and preventing obesity. We highlighted the main studies that support the effects of taurine associated with exercise on the modulation of energy and lipid metabolism and also its impacts on the adipose tissue metabolism and morphology in obese individuals and obese animal models, suggesting taurine as a promising strategy to combat obesity. However, more investigations are necessary to elucidate the safe and effective dose, the mechanisms, and the potential effects of taurine supplementation associated with exercise in the adipose tissue as a therapeutic strategy for preventing and treating obesity.



Adipose tissue, Exercise, Obesity, Taurine, Therapeutic strategy

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Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, v. 1370, p. 279-289.