Bounded Dual Simplex Algorithm: Definition and Structure

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This chapter presents the Bounded Dual Simplex Algorithm, which is one of the most frequently used linear programming algorithms for solving real-world problems. A solution structure of the bounded dual simplex method (used to solve linear programming problems) is presented. The main advantage of this algorithm is its use in finding solutions for large-scale problems, and its robustness and efficiency are identified in this chapter. One application of this algorithm in the area of electrical engineering is provided: namely, solving the transmission network expansion planning where the normal operation conditions of the system are continually evaluated by solving linear programming problems. The method is explained step-by-step, so that the methodology can be adapted to other problems. Finally, some conclusions are drawn. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2013.



Bounded dual simplex, Duality theory, Linear optimization, Simplex algorithm

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Intelligent Systems Reference Library, v. 38, p. 29-50.