Impactos do geoturismo nos atrativos naturais das Águas do polo turÍstico das Águas de SÃo LourenÇo, MT.

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Thermal waters of the Águas de São Lourenço Touristic Pole occur in the municipalities of São Vicente, Juscimeira and Jaciara, southeastern Mato Grosso state, 150 km far from Cuiabá. This paper aimed to generate information in the field of geoscience to support geotourism in the region based mainly on thermal and surface mineral water resources, as well as propose solutions from a survey of tourism potential of local attractions and to consider solutions that contribute to the elaboration of a “Geopark” in the region. The impact of tourism activities were evaluated by applying the VIM (Visitor Impact Management) and PSR (Pressure-State-Response), methods with emphasis on biophysical indicators. The geological and hydric characteristics contributed to the hydrothermal, presence of mountains and caves and numerous waterfalls and rapids, with immense possibilities for the practice of contemplative tourism and ecotourism. The hidromineral resort is a major tourist pole and the municipalities survive economically on tourism activities, which depend on the infiltration of rainwater for renovation of the main product, surface sources and thermal springs. Thus, keeping this heritage means to contribute checking the consequences and benefits of tourism based on ownership and exploitation so essential to the region’s economy.



Geopark, Mato Grosso, São Lourenço, Thermal waters

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Geociencias, v. 36, n. 1, p. 48-64, 2017.