Hospitalizations for Conditions Sensitive to Primary Care: A Geo-Epidemiological Profile Analysis of in a Hospital in the Sao Paulo State, From July 2010 to June 2011

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Medimond S R L


The primary health care has been recognized as one of the key components of an effective health system. In its most developed form, the primary health care is the first contact with the health system and the site responsible for the organization of health care over time: individuals, their families and the general population; seeks to provide balance between the two goals of a national health system, which are improving the health of the population and provide equitable distribution of resources. Hospitalizations for primary care sensitive conditions (HPCSC) may be associated with deficiencies of service coverage primary health care or its effectiveness. Hospitalization rates can and should represent a warning sign, triggering mechanisms for analysis and search for explanations for these problems. The use of hospitalization data for HPCSC can serve as indicators of inequality in the health system, contributing to the evaluation of the deployment and implementation of health policies.



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Articles From the 13th World Congress on Public Health. 40128 Bologna: Medimond S R L, p. 279-282, 2013.