Environmental conditioning effects on the mechanical properties of titanium fiber-metal laminates

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Fiber metal laminates (FML) have been particularly attractive for aircraft structures. While weight reduction and improved damage tolerance characteristics were the prime drivers to develop this new family of materials, it turns out that they have additional benefits which become more important for today's engineers, as the high mechanical strength and improved safety. Hence the combination of these aspects in one material is an extraordinary achievement. The specimens of FMLs were prepared with titanium plates and carbon fiber/epoxy resin prepreg. This study aims to evaluate the effect of two different environmental conditions (hygrothermal and thermal shock) on the mechanical and elastic properties of titanium FML, since this environmental effects should always be considered in the design of structural components, when these materials are submitted to the effects of the atmosphere and high mechanical efforts.



Hygrothermal conditioning and thermal shock, Metal-fiber laminates

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ICCM International Conferences on Composite Materials, v. 2013-July, p. 7828-7836.