UV degradation of HDPE and pvc geomembranes in laboratory exposure

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Lodi, P. C. [UNESP]
Bueno, B. S.
Zornberg, J. G.
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This article evaluates the effects of UV degradation in HDPE geomembranes that were exposed both in laboratory and outdoor conditions. The laboratory tests were performed using a weatherometer assembled at EESC-USP in accordance to ASTM G154 and GM11. Weathering exposure was also evaluated and the results were compared to the laboratory results. Mechanical and physical properties were evaluated and compared to intact samples. Small variations were noticed for physical properties The results show variations differentiated for the mechanical properties after each period. Mathematical adjustments were evaluated concerning the resistance and deformation of the geomembranes in both exposures. The results showed that polynomial adjustments were more adequate than the exponential adjustments.
Geomembranes, Mechanical properties, UV degradation, Weathering
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9th International Conference on Geosynthetics - Geosynthetics: Advanced Solutions for a Challenging World, ICG 2010, p. 821-824.