The use of the two-body energy to study problems of escape/capture Ernesto Vieira Neto1

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The problem of escape/capture is encountered in many problems of the celestial mechanics -the capture of the giants planets irregular satellites, comets capture by Jupiter, and also orbital transfer between two celestial bodies as Earth and Moon. To study these problems we introduce an approach which is based on the numerical integration of a grid of initial conditions. The two-body energy of the particle relative to a celestial body defines the escape/capture. The trajectories are integrated into the past from initial conditions with negative two-body energy. The energy change from negative to positive is considered as an escape. By reversing the time, this escape turns into a capture. Using this technique we can understand many characteristics of the problem, as the maximum capture time, stable regions where the particles cannot escape from, and others. The advantage of this kind of approach is that it can be used out of plane (that is, for any inclination), and with perturbations in the dynamics of the n-body problem. © 2005 International Astronomical Union.



Celestial mechanics, General, Planets and satellites

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Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, v. 2004, n. IAUC197, p. 439-444, 2005.