Rehabilitation of buildings in historic center : São paulo building, são paulo, Brazil

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Salcedo, Rosio Fernández Baca [UNESP]
Arruda, Bruno [UNESP]
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In front of the demand for housing in the historic center of São Paulo, São Paulo City Council during the negotiations of 2001 to 2004 and from 2005 to 2008, through the Residential Leasing Program (PAR) rehabilitated some buildings for housing social interest, including the São Paulo Building. The paper aims to analyze: Architectural interventions made in the São Paulo Building for residential suitability, degree of preservation of the building, rehabilitation, operation costs, characteristics of the beneficiaries and housing quality. Methods: To analyze the architectural and the degree of preservation were discussed concepts and theories on equity, housing, restoration, rehabilitation and consulted the legislation on architectural heritage in the historic center of São Paulo. The degree of preservation of the building was analyzed by comparing between the initial project and the rehabilitation project. The quality of housing was analyzed through the following indicators: m/house, m/user, Number of users/bedroom, environmental comfort, safety, accessibility. In order to know the socioeconomic characteristics of users, questionnaires were applied in 2011. Results: The proposed indicators can contribute to policies, programs and projects aimed at improving the quality of social housing in buildings of historic, architectural heritage preservation and contemporary use.
Architectural heritage, Historic centers, Housing quality, Rehabilitation, Social housing
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Proceedings - 28th International PLEA Conference on Sustainable Architecture + Urban Design: Opportunities, Limits and Needs - Towards an Environmentally Responsible Architecture, PLEA 2012.